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The Sycle user guide is a PDF that shows you step-by-step how to use Sycle.net. You can keep it as an electronic file on your desktop or print it out. It is currently 4.0 mb.

Please follow the instructions below or click on the button below to automatically bookmark this page:

  1. Point your browser at the Secure Customer Login page.
  2. Select "Favorites" from your browser menu bar.
  3. Select "Add to Favorites..." from list.
  4. Click the "OK" button.

For Sycle to run properly it is important that your computer and Internet browser have the correct security settings. This will ensure that Sycle functions smoothly and to its fullest capacity.

Test your connection. Please use our link and follow the directions to check your connection speed.

Click below to view what data formats you can upload successfully to Sycle.

Please make sure your email address is entered in your staff profile. Please contact your company admin. This will ensure that you receive our product update emails notifying you of new features in Sycle.

To view a PDF on how to print labels in Microsoft Word, click on the button below.

Content to come on how to logout

These DSL providers cover most areas in the 50 contiguous states.

Please contact them for the best price for DSL service in your area, or check with your local telephone provider. Note: Ask for basic DSL or Cable service, often considered residential.